i love you

by Timid



For the lovers and those that have someone to love.

From LL Cool J rapping “I Need Love” to Method Man telling Mary J. Blige “You’re All I Need” to Common displaying his feelings via word cards on “Come Close”, lyrically eloquent professions of love have attempted to describe the depth of that feeling to the muse that inspired them. Timid’s new release is simply titled with the most wanted to hear phrase in any language; “i love you”. The lyrics vocalize the feeling one has when they are in love and the title is stylized in lowercase to represent a simplistic innocence of that love.


Like what Meth meant to Mary, you’re never secondary
very important person i’d be honored to marry
top of the list that consists of just you
I’m so smitten by you Miss I’m in need of rescue
I’ll lead you by your mittens to heaven then walk through
to see if there’s something you can be compared to
nothing terrestrial truly, a celestial beauty
a star (echo-pause), pardon me I’m a groupie
you shine so bright I see rainbows in the glare
may I get your autograph, you deserve the fanfare
I’d like to reserve a table so I’m able to stand near
I’m Stan-ing like a fan, you’ve answered this man’s prayer
bear with me for a moment while i get my composure -
losing exposure to you would make a man need closure
peace to every god that men prostrate too
every single one of them had to help create you

You’re that
perfect verse over a tight drum and a snare
like Dre said to Sid...you’re my air
happiness is ever fleeting but with you I dare
never sleeping on our life I handle with special care
we can be that pair that others are sick of
when they try to keep up with us they give up
we are that harmony to that beat called love
in public in the street we might cut a rug
you being there at night feels so right to me
I always fight the Sandman cause I miss you when I sleep
what I feel is deep, I feel weak to admit
that I’m scared I let you in but in the end I submit
Nose open from a whiff giving bliss like spliffs do
I can’t stop gimme hits why resist truth
too addicted to you Miss I’d miss them lips too
if Shenron gave me a wish I’d insist to thank you

I'd give
your mama a hug and dad a handshake
To thank them for the gift they were able to create
I propose a holiday on your birthdate
the day you graced this place we should celebrate
It's undisputed who's the cutest or who could replace
The Mona Lisa 'cause your smile would end the debate
But all that's second rate to the way you make me feel
as if the fates have revealed something real
I didn't know what was missing before we crossed paths
Life wasn’t so bright and I never really laughed
I was birthed when, your eyes met mine
The Big Bang ain't a thang like when our stars aligned
In truth, you're proof of intelligent design
A benevolent force on a course through space time
It sounds like a line but I'm in awe of your mind
Even Nye and Einstein lack one so divine


released February 14, 2017
Written and performed by Timid. Produced by Taz of Onmugen.



all rights reserved


Timid New York, New York

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