No Time For The Jibba Jabba

by Timid



No Time For The Jibba Jabba states that Timid has no time for the rampant nonsense in Hip Hop and the world mentality, through that Head Nod music, and shows that lyricism, intelligence, and good Hip Hop isn’t dead. The album contains seventeen cuts mostly produced by Timid himself and features production by Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-ONE, Eminem, G-Unit, etc.), Lotto, and Grand Daddy I.U. On No Time For The Jibba Jabba Timid tackles topics that range from light hearted and up beat, deeply personal and political and does it all without the need for language censorship.

No Time For The Jibba Jabba is that Hip Hop album for Hip Hop heads that are looking for what they are missing in Hip Hop and for those that just want more from their music.


released December 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Timid New York, New York

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Track Name: Bringing The Awe
Bring The Awe by Timid

Word to life I’m disgusted with these busted bastards
Bringing the boring, bragging while I bellow with laughter
The average grammar, stamina stammering, stuttering
Ignorant mutterings confusing amusement with love for them
Too many think they can do it too. Any distinct traits?
No. Only the same face, so nothing like race hate
I just detest the taste of feces force-fed
To adolescences attentive to lessons that lessen and bred
A negative stereotypical visual of vanity
Homoerotic fantasy, disrespecting the man in me
With self-respect abandoning, esteem issues
Extreme misuse of truth, guilty of ‘I’m real’ abuse
Where’s my noose? Someone said y’all should get lynched
Take my mic cord tighten till your vocals snore, pinch
A loop for the knot, if you will not, behave
I’ll open the trap door and force you off my stage

[Chorus] x2
It’s like armageddon , these bars are bettin’
That these stars are beggin’ for my fall but brethren
I was called to get ‘em they all regrettin’
The lessons that I’m expressin’ when I’m bringing the awe

You forced me here, you all will hear
Am I talking about you? Let the roll call be clear
I’m talking to you slaves whose chain hang low
You cats are played, always looking for someone to show
Talking about making some hits, how about making some sense
Perpetuating perpetrating just to make yourself rich
It’s not, a style to go out and act like a child
Like it’s all allowed to be foul and just pop off at the mouth
People died for you to arrive in this life and these times
To do more than just rhyme about your watch cut shine
Ingrates, who debate it, displays how we live
The question is, are you embarrassed it’s the best you can give?
The cut of your jib, impressed by ghost riding a whip
Whose gonna ride for the ghosts that died because of the whip
I’m sick, of half of the bull that gets passed and pulled
By fools walking around sagging like their diapers full

[Chorus 2x]

I bring with a purpose, my pain to the surface
And the shame that hurts us, for change, cause it’s worth it
Nothing is working, Chuck D spoke and I heard it
His words were, ensure you’re, bringing the awe with a fervor
Too many deserters, settle to peddling murder
Who never go further, it’s not credible to revel in nurture
It’s incredible the available level of sellable urban
Merchants, who in earnest trade melanin for purchase
With advertisements worded with us as insurgents
So nervously working, waiting to cause a disturbance
I’m perturbed at the herder and sheep for the disservice
Of, making it worse, were you thinking wallet or purse
When spit balling your verse, that leads Mercedes to hearse
It’s like we purposely search, the way to Hades from Earth
It seems we want to be cursed, but I used to love her, word
So much I’m determined to be the one bringing the cure

[Chorus 2x]
Track Name: My 2 Sense
They Got You Thinking That The Sounds Of Blackness
Is The Same As The Round Of A Gat Click, Like That's It.
I Beg To Differ Because I Deliver Developmental Pictures
Served With A Side Of, “Get Your Act Together”
Now Where’s My Tip, Cheap Bastard, Bragging With Average Candor
Can’t Hold A Candle To My Mantle You’re Far Below My Standard
I’m High, No Lie, 420 Guy Not I
Smoke Don’t Reach The Plane In The Sky I Fly
If Not Then I Go Deep And Dare To Swear What We Don’t Speak
Bush Did It, Proof Is Free, Yet Talk Is Cheap
Picture That Ism. Who’s Brave Enough For The Wisdom?
To Know That You’re Still Slave Sucking On The Jism
Get Some, And Then Some And Still Some More
Undulate Your Spine And Inhale Until Your Lungs Are Sore
I Just Don’t Like That Guy, Mortified At Why
Anybody Would Entrust Their Lives To A Lie
Like Give Up All Your Privacy So They Won’t Hurt You
Ironic Like Pi Don’t Repeat But Describes A Circle
Look It’s Not Rocket Science, Voluntary Compliance
If You Don't’ Exercise Your Right To Question With Defiance
The Shadow Knows And Your Paying Through The Knows
1040’s Got Control, Like That Ain’t Money They Stole
No Soul, Demon Spawn Of Greed Not Green
Global Economy Has A Rainbow Of Currency
You’ll See, Inconvenient Truths
To The Point Where Corruption And Abuse, Isn’t Even News
Track Name: Let Freedom Ring
To let freedom ring true in the ears of every man
Woman and child it's time to take a stand
Because the plan don't include you and I
There's truth in lies like what Bush describes
As the terrorists being jealous of our liberty
Asking the middle least is the enemy them or we
You for tail in your tales of democracy
Mr. President it's evident to me it's hypocrisy
The green eyes that I see eyes the green and black gold
The facts told, you’re that bold you’re that cold
Let freedom ring true in honor of victims
That died innocent in a quest for another's riches
911 was whored as leverage to force the message
Of your agenda of by fear to legitimize your methods
Your pride is senseless and your lies endless
We're tied bound and gagged and our lives defenseless
Even minds are rendered useless of all reason
Recount your own actions and speak to me of treason
The Patriot Act, call it the Bin Laden initiative
Citizens get treated like the Taliban did them
Or Redcoats did pilgrims in the name of England
Independent thoughts lead unsatisfied men
Skull and Bones marks the mantle of danger
Redirecting our anger to shadows and distant strangers

Let freedom ring
From the slums to the ears of God
Let freedom ring
From the babes in their mothers arms
Let freedom ring
From Iraq Israel
Let freedom ring
From America before we sell

The revolution will be televised
Because when I get a chance to tell them lies
I'm going on the television to tell a vision
Channel 0's the only place the people will listen
Islam you call a Jihad to settle a score
I understand your pain by holy men don't war
And Allah or God don't want that blood on their name
Especially innocent lives you take in vain
Cradle of civilization? Dome of the rock, to say the least
If that's the case, no wonder there is no peace
From the Potala in Lhasa to Beijing's Red Square
Picture monks staring down gun barrels full of fear
Let us be clear, all men are created equal
But nurture has a way of turning the people evil
China took lessons from the British and communists
Now Taiwan is a target for imperial dominance
Give us us free from Pyonyang to the Sudan
Freedom to have the peace in our lives that we should have
Freedom from your greed at our expense
Freedom from you getting ahead by putting our lives at risk
Free of for me to practice Falun Gong in peace
And not have children tortured to make me cease
Freedom for prejudices forced against my people
Freedom to walk among my brethren and fear no evil

Let freedom ring
From the slums to the ears of God
Let freedom ring
From the babes in their mothers arms
Let freedom ring
From Iraq Israel
Let freedom ring
From America before we sell
Track Name: 30 More Years
30 More Years by Timid

More microphone fiends, more get right at home themes
More Ramone graf art in Beat Street viewing scenes
More Boogie Down in production, more hooping loud at functions
More jamming the box beat knocks with speakers bumping
Sneakers jumping jivin’ jukin’, yo more good lookin’
With pats, daps, hugs and more hand shooken
More kicks with no laces, more smiles on faces
More miles walked in somebody elses places
More fresh soul sonic mega force crush crews
More cardboard crowds, more to show and proof
More perculatin’ steppers, more perpetrator checkers
More crazy cuts, rippin’ on records like Reckless
More get your hands up! More in the air!
More waving them around like you just don’t care
More yes yes y’all! More we don’t stop
More break of dawning, yo just more Hip Hop

[Chorus] 2x
So Yes yes y’all, get ‘em up we don’t quit
More beats, more breaks, for the love of it
It’s like that y’all, that y’all and we won’t stop
More scratching and rapping until they call the cops

More emcees, deejays, b-boys and girls
More graf, more of rap’s impact on the world
More block parties chillin in the place to be
More cold lampin’ just my DJ and me
More our own showing throwing and our own show going
More dropping of knowledge and science when you’re flowing
More Africa medallions, more Ladies First
More Top Billin’, more of that entrepreneurial work
More Fat Boys rapping, more cats that’s 3x Dope
More 5 Minutes full of Funk and 6 Minutes till the show
More Fighting for your Rights and Walking this Way
More Yo Jay, more Kids that Play more for the day
More being in the middle when they yell ‘Where ya at?”
More kings and queens and more calling my brother black
More making moves, ‘cause what have we got to loose
More of Mars talking about, ‘it’s the shoes money the shoes’

[Chorus 2x]

More kangols and rope chains, bring ‘em back
More five finger rings and more hats to the back
More of the soul, plugging it in, 1, 2, 3
More getting crazy with the legs and letting it flow free
More songs to Roxanne, more letters to Evette
More needing love, showing love and more housing the set
More la di doddi, ‘cause we still likes to party
More two step, kick step and moving your body
More packing the floor, more bum rushing the door
More being too legit to quit and coming back for some more
More politicin’ when we’re kickin’ and giving where we’re living
More having faith in our culture like it was a religion
More letting them witness, the strength of street knowledge
More wisdom in the rhythm and just more going to college
More of the past 30 years staking a claim and making a name
More of making a change and 30 more of the same

[Chorus 2x]